Aito highlights of latest releases

 1. Haptic Feedback Paper
The CHI program committee has accepted our scientific paper on “Designing Haptic Feedback for Piezo Buttons” for the CHI Conference about human factors in computing to be held in Vancouver the 7th-12th of May 2011. This is obviously a very big scientific reference for us!

2. Ultra low power chip released
The new ultra low power controller is called ATB310 and supports up to 9 piezo touch keys as well as a buzzer. What is remarkable is that the ATB310 uses less than 1 µA in stand by – and it is the power signal generated from the piezo touch which wakes up the controller, thus the whole system can be in deep sleep until a key is pressed! To our knowledge this is the least power using touch user interface system in the world!

3. Getinge Sterilization releases product with Aito touch
The leading medical company Getinge Sterilization has released two new products using the Aito piezo touch technology. The piezo touch will be used in the Getinge HS-33 and HS-44 series. The leading edge products are a result of a tight co-development together with the Swedish design house Epsilon, Getinge and Aito during years 2009 and 2010. This is the first time Aito’s own light guide technology, which allows every key to be lit up separately, is used in a commercial product – a development helping us towards controlling the complete user experience: touch, light, sound and haptic feedback.

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