Energy harvesting for powering car tire electronics

SmartPIE is taking part in the Energy Harvesting and storage conference in Boston 16 and 17 November 2010. Recent research results on energy scavenging materials for power harvesting in car tyres wil be presented. Road safety requirements and environmental issues are driving forces for the incorporation of wireless sensors in car tyres. To eliminate the need for batteries, many types of energy harvesting modules are being developed. One promising solution is based on piezoelectric mechanical to electrical energy conversion. Several piezoelectric materials have been tested as possible candidates for car tyre energy harvesting. However none of these options satisfy all the stringent operating and lifetime requirements for use inside a car tyre, especially mechanical (accelerations of up to 3000m/s2) and thermal requirements (temperatures of -40 to 120ºC). SmartPIE developed composites of piezoelectric ceramic particles embedded in a polymer matrix offer a wide range of material properties and can be designed to fulfill all these operating requirements as wel as being suitable for low-cost mass production on flexible foils.



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