Research program

By its very nature the program fits perfectly in the national focal area for innovation, i.e. High Tech Systems and Materials. The research in this program will be directed in along two lines:

Integrated Manufacturing of piezo systems
The technology transfer to be developed under this program would result in piezo systems made via alternative and integrated production routes. We will concentrate on thin film systems via a silicium technology route, post formable systems via polymer injection and or blow moulding and robust systems via metal forming technology. This to bring together academic specialist in all the technology fields from all three technical universities as well as TNO and strong Dutch SME’s with identifiable new product applications.

Novel piezo applications for high tech systems
The focus on application aspects will not only result in new applications, but also deliver a set of mechanical -, measurement - and control design principles to be used in various other systems. The application research will be concentrated around Vibration Control in precision equipment and touch-based Man Machine Interfaces (MMI)

Integrated Manufacturing


New Applications

Piezo MEMS
Piezo actuation and sensing are widely applied in all kind of products, but often the miniaturization of these products lack...

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Low-cost touch-operated panels, screens and wireless battery-less piezo-based switches for MMI and User Interfaces are investigated in this sub program.

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Piezo Composites

In the piezo composites program a novel family of thermo hardening liquid crystal thermosets (LCT) will be used as matrix material in combination with PZT ceramic powder.

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Vibration control in precision equipment

Science-based application knowledge to enhance the functional and physical integration of piezo elements for motion- and vibration control will be developed in this program.

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