Vibration control | research

The application research will address Vibration Control in precision equipment. The focus on application aspects will not only result in new applications, but also deliver a set of mechanical -, measurement - and control design principles to be used in various other systems.


Sensors, signal processing capability and actuators are increasingly added to existing systems in order to increase intelligence and adaptivity of subsystems and components. Examples of this trend are abundant, in consumer as well as in professional products and systems. Bulk-produced piezoelectric stacks are a crucial enabling technology in this respect, as they can be used as sensors as well as actuators in the sense mentioned above, they are energy-efficient and are available at relatively low prices. In order to realize the potential offered by bulk piezo, science-based application knowledge to enhance the functional and physical integration of piezo will be developed in this program. This will create options for innovations in the next generations of equipment, with improved accuracy and where a paradigm shift is expected from mechanical complexity to increased intelligence and adaptivity. The following research themes will be addressed :

  1. Kinematic design principles for exactly constrained design of spatially distributed piezoelectric sensors and actuators.

  2. Modeling and advanced MIMO learning feed-forward and feedback control of piezo actuators for motion- and vibration control.

  3. Signal conditioning, -processing and optimized spatial distribution of piezoelectric transducers.